Community Guidelines for iFable.AI

Last modified July 5, 2024

Our community guidelines are designed to ensure a positive experience for all users. Please adhere to these rules, in addition to complying with all applicable laws, the iFable.AI Terms of Use, the iFable.AI Privacy Policy, and any posted rules when using the iFable.AI Service. We may review and take action, including restricting or terminating access to the community or app, if we are notified of or become aware of a potential rule violation. For further information, refer to our Terms of Use.

These guidelines may be updated periodically, so please review them regularly. iFable.AI is intended for users aged 18 and above.

Prohibited Activities

1. Illegal Activities: Do not use iFable.AI to engage in or promote illegal activities, including commercial sexual activities, trafficking, or pornography, or to promote dangerous or illegal acts.

2. Malicious Use : Do not distribute viruses, malware, or any other harmful or destructive code. Avoid content that disrupts or damages the iFable.AI Service.

3. Hate Speech : Do not share content that promotes hatred or violence against people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. This includes references to historical atrocities or hate figures like Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or Pol Pot.

4. Misinformation : Avoid posting misinformation that could lead to imminent violence or physical harm or interfere with political processes.

5. Personal and Confidential Information : Do not share others' personal and confidential information, such as photos, credit card numbers, account passwords, or private contact information.

6. Account Hijacking : Do not access another user's account without permission or engage in phishing scams.

7. Child Exploitation : Do not create or depict characters who are minors or whose age is not clearly defined as over 18. This includes "aged-up" characters originally depicted as minors. Realistic or human-like depictions of underage characters are strictly prohibited.

8. Spam : Avoid spamming, including sending unwanted promotional or commercial content or unsolicited mass messages.

9. Sexually Explicit Material : Do not post real images or overly realistic AI-generated images of any individuals. Respect privacy and avoid misuse of someone's likeness without consent. Permissible content includes: - Exposed nipples in any context. - Fully nude buttocks or visible anus, except in sexual activity. - Nude female genitalia, but male genitalia must not be visible.

10. Imagery of Sexual Activity : Avoid depicting explicit sexual activity. Implied sexual activity is permitted when contextually appropriate (e.g., medical, educational, fictional representation).

11. Fetish Content : Do not post content involving acts likely to lead to death, dismemberment, cannibalism, or involving bodily fluids like feces and urine. Promotion of sexual attraction to non-human animals is prohibited, though fictional species like Pokémon are exempt.

12. Bestiality : Do not promote or normalize sexual attraction to or engagement with real-life non-human animals. Fictional species are exempt.

13. Non-Consensual Sexually Explicit Material : Avoid posting content that exploits people through sextortion, revenge porn, or non-consensual intimate imagery.

14. Harassment and Bullying : Harassment and bullying are prohibited. This includes aggressive insults, threats, stalking, and sharing private information without consent. Report any instances of harassment or bullying immediately.

15. Violence and Threats : Do not share content depicting graphic violence. We may report threats or risks of physical harm to law enforcement.

16. Self-Harm : Avoid promoting or encouraging suicide, self-mutilation, eating disorders, or drug abuse.

17. Impersonation or Deceptive Behavior : Do not impersonate others or provide false information. Avoid creating accounts for others or soliciting payments from users.

18. Intellectual Property : Ensure you have the right to share any content. Respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights. Accounts primarily sharing others' content may be disabled.

19. Restricted Goods : Do not advertise or transact in regulated goods.

20. Contests, Promotions, and Solicitations : Avoid unauthorized contests or promotions and do not solicit users for business without permission.

Reporting Potential Issues

We employ both human moderators and automated systems to monitor and review iFable.AI accounts, characters, and interactions for guideline violations. Users play a critical role in reporting any content or behavior that may breach our guidelines. If you encounter content or behavior that makes you uncomfortable or unsafe, please stop interacting with it and report it to us at [support@ifable.ai].